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Chef Andrew Weissman’s absinthe party on Feb 15!

Chef Andrew Weissman’s absinthe party on Feb 15!

                      Bar manager Andy Hack chats with Edible San Antonio to share the details of Chef Andrew Weissmans’s                                   upcoming absinthe party. (Photo by Sophie Covo) 

By Sophie Covo

Have you ever danced with the green fairy? Would you like to? Green fairy refers to absinthe, a green spirit made from wormwood, fennel and anise used years ago as a muse for the likes of Picasso and Hemmingway.

Edible San Antonio tries to keep up with the latest and greatest wonders our local chefs dream up for us … and we uncovered some wonderful news.

Thanks to Chef Andrew Weissman and Minnie’s Tavern Bar Manager Andy Hack, San Antonio is about to have its very own amazing absinthe party — complete with tableside drips! Minnie’s Tavern will be the site for this glorious night of interactive table tastings and testing at 11 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 15. 

Mr. Hack anticipates some delicious tastings to go with the absinthe too.

BONUS! At 10 p.m., Chef Stephen Paprocki,  San Antonio’s local resident absinthe expert and enthusiast, will give a very special “Absinthe Seminar”  upstairs at Minnie’s Tavern. Note that the organizers tell us you must have a reservation to attend the seminar — the space is limited to 40 guests. It’s free to attend the seminar … but make a reservation by calling (210)-220-1890 to make sure you get a seat. (We hear there will even be absinthe truffles to taste at the seminar!)

Mr. Hack will be featuring an amazing cocktail list starting at 11 p.m. at the bar, downstairs. Mr. Hack’s cocktail list features Sazerac, Corpse Reviver, Absinthe Frappe, Block and Tackle, and Absinthe Mojito. Each table will be equipped with its very own drip and several citrus peels to make it easy for participants to experiment with different flavors and profiles at their own pace and leisure. 

So grab your best friend (or your posse) and take a trip with the friendly faces and historically cool ambiance of Minnie’s Tavern for this one-time-only special event. Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited. For more information or to reserve your spot, call Minnie’s Tavern at 210-220-1890. – Angela Covo contributed to this report.



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